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Payments are a necessity for both individuals and businesses. The need to make payments is perhaps the one thing all customers have in common. Every day, individuals and businesses pay utility bills such as electricity, cable television and mobile subscriptions.

Although most people prefer cash payments, it is not a practical option. However, even credit cards have their limits. How many times have you completed a transaction, handed over your card to pay and received the message “Declined” or “network unavailable”?

That’s why MoMo Bill Payment has simplified many billing services for you! So instead of carrying cash or worrying about credit cards, you can simply pay your bills using the MoMo PSB app or USSD code. MoMo Bill Payment services are convenient and efficient, with features that ensure your funds are safe.

To help you better understand what MoMo Bill Payment is and how it works, this article has all the information you need. Let’s start!

What is MoMo Bill Payment?

MoMo Bill Payment is one of the convenient services offered by MoMo PSB, a mobile banking platform that offers financial solutions to merchants, fintech companies, banks, financial institutions, digital service providers and others. organizations. It offers a simple, secure and inexpensive way to ensure that all your bills are paid from the comfort of your home or office.

MoMo Bill Payment allows customers to perform transactions such as renewing subscriptions, purchasing prepaid electricity, travel bills, tuition fees, payments via MoMoPay and collections, and much more. The goal is to foster financial inclusion in Nigeria, by providing safe and accessible money transfer services to millions of unbanked and underserved Nigerians.

With MoMo Bill Payment, you can:

  • Easily Renew Subscriptions: Paying subscription bills such as DSTV, GOTV and Star times is now simple and easy for MoMo PSB customers.
  • Purchase of electricity units: With MoMo, paying electricity bills has become relatively easier. All you have to do is log in, provide your meter number and pay for the specified units, all in minutes!
  • Make payment via MoMoPay: This allows merchants to receive payment for goods and services using Mobile Money payment services.
  • Make payments through collections. Enable remote collection of invoices, fees or taxes.

Why MoMo Bill Payment?

It is convenient: With MoMo Bill Payment, you have all the tools you need to manage and make bill payments, both on an individual level and on a business level. From the convenience of a single app, paying your bills is super easy.

You can easily pay electricity bills, cable TV bills, betting bills and loan collection to specific vendors. It also saves you time with all your bills appearing in one place rather than logging into multiple websites or apps.

Super easy to use: You can sign up quickly and start paying your bills in just 15 minutes. MoMo Bill Payment APIs are transparent, simple and currently optimizable to give you the best experience.

Keep your funds safe: With online banking, it’s normal to be skeptical. However, MoMo Bill Payment is committed to protecting our customers’ information and funds from malicious actors.

It uses the best security protocols to ensure the safety of your transactions, information security and data concealment during transactions. This is achieved through the activation of security measures such as real-time monitoring and advanced data privacy tools.

Promotes financial inclusion: The platform uses technology and bank branches to mobilize bill payments and transfers from unbanked consumers in rural areas and any other location in Nigeria. That is, it allows people in rural and remote parts of the country who remain excluded from the financial system to easily pay their bills.

Discover the other features of the MoMo PSB product:

Why bother with payments when you have MoMo Bill Payment?

Start by dialing *671# on any network to open a MoMo wallet and pay your bills. You can also pay at any MoMo Agent outlet. MoMo PSB is poised to enable millions of unbanked and underserved Nigerians to access a wide range of financial services products.

Want to know more about MoMo Bill Payment? Visit the website at MoMo.mtn.com to create an account and follow @momopsb on all platforms to stay up to date.

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