Texas energy mess looks like the power grid hasn’t been fixed


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Texans are being asked to cut back and turn down the thermostat – and it’s only May.

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Worrying signs about energy

Six power generation facilities in Texas went down, and we were told to raise our thermostats and reduce power consumption during peak hours. (May 16, 1A, “What causes repair delays, high costs in Texas”) It’s only May. There is plenty of warm weather ahead.

Our governor indicated that the network has been repaired after the 2021 outages. But that’s not a sign that it’s ready for a Texas summer.

Let’s tell the governor that we expect him to work on increasing the reliability of the network. This can be accomplished by increasing capacity, managing gas suppliers, and connecting to the interstate power grid.

-David Troiano Highland village

Buses have to drop the money

It’s time for Fort Worth Trinity Metro to accept credit and debit and contactless forms of payment on all of its buses. We are in 2022, not 1999.

The transport authority has promised riders for years that they will accept further payments. Otherwise, fewer people take public transport. Cashless is the future, and transit buses are running out of it.

-John Davis, fort worth

Start with design, then

If life begins at conception, so should child support. Where paternity is proven or admitted, alimony must be retroactive and parents must be financially responsible for underage fathers.

The support is expected to last 20 years, adjusted for inflation and local costs. And non-payment should be a crime.

Add all this to the laws on inducing abortion.

-Gabrielle Gordon, Unincorporated Tarrant County

Rape, incest in numbers

Some argue that ending abortion is inhumane because there are circumstances in which having to raise a child is too traumatic – particularly rape and incest.

There are two answers to this, a philosophical one and a practical one. Philosophically, the real question in all cases of abortion is: should an innocent baby be deprived of the right and opportunity to live, regardless of the circumstances that led to its being conceived?

Practically, however, the suggestion of a gruesome circumstance is a red herring, as thousands line up for the opportunity to adopt an “unwanted” child. I suspect there are far fewer cases of rape and incest-related pregnancies than there are people waiting with open arms.

-Thomas F. Harkins Jr., fort worth

Leonard Pitts is right wrong

Leonard Pitts Jr. does it again. His May 8 column, “Defend Beliefs Instead of Debate Words” (5Cs) strongly implies that breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water, eating unsafe meats, tolerating 80-hour work weeks , allowing minors to work, tolerating poor neighborhoods, violating women’s health care, treating LBGTQ people as less than human, and denying black people the right to vote are the agenda of the right.

All of this is false. His technique is consistent with his penchant for feeding the uninformed with a steady diet of jargon designed to make them believe in his cause: woke liberal progressivism.

-Gary Lambert, Mansfield

I’ve had enough of Biden

How much longer will this nation have to suffer under the leadership of this incompetent buffoon of a president? Election year 2024 cannot come soon enough.

– Paul Gabel fort worth

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