SimCorp A/S Ties New Revolving Credit Facility to ESG Objectives for…

As a tool to drive efforts to achieve our goals, the Facility Interest Margin will be adjusted based on our ability to achieve well-defined progress on four strategic sustainability KPIs over a annual basis. The installation is based on four key performance indicators focused on:

  • Moving SimCorp’s own operations from on-premises data centers to more energy-efficient cloud hosting

  • Onboarding new and existing SimCorp customers to energy efficient cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure

  • Increase the share of women in SimCorp, in general and in leadership positions

At SimCorp, we see sustainability as an integral part of our business and a key driver in our transformation into a technology-driven service company. We want to run a sustainable business and provide our customers with energy-efficient solutions that help them meet their GHG emission reduction goals.

Our ambition is to make SimCorp a platform for positive and lasting social change – for our employees, our customers and the societies in which we operate. Through our Women’s Mentorship Program, our Gender Diversity Pledge and other gender diversity initiatives.

Comments from Michael Rosenvold, Chief Financial Officer at SimCorp “We are very pleased to have signed our first sustainability-linked credit facility, as it demonstrates our commitment to leading a business based on sustainable solutions for our customers and sustainable business growth. Our diversity goals gender reflect that we want to help increase the share of women not only in SimCorp but also in the IT industry and in leadership positions in general, so we are delighted to have taken this step to further integrate sustainability into our strategy commercial and financial.

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