Romanian energy companies cannot guarantee fixed prices –

Engie Romania, a natural gas company, refused to supply a non-residential consumer at a fixed price for the next 12 months, saying it could not guarantee such contractual conditions in the current market environment. Read more.

A Predeal hotel company said the Romanian unit of Engie told them it could not provide electricity and natural gas at a fixed rate, Agerpres reports the news agency. Engie officials told EURACTIV that the client had requested a fixed price for a period of one year, which the company cannot guarantee under current market conditions.

“In the midst of the high volatility of purchase prices, both for electricity and natural gas, as well as a deficit of volumes available for purchase, Engie Romania was unable to offer the respective customer the conditions requested,” company representatives said.

Engie also said the situation will be similar to that of the company’s other customers, as their current contracts will expire.

Market participants have warned that there will be problems ensuring energy deliveries, as the government has set a ceiling price for the support provided to consumers (1,300 lei/€264.03 per MWh) lower than the price of the market and the cost of electricity paid in certain cases. by suppliers.

Moreover, the payment of the difference between the actual price of the energy delivered by the electricity companies and the prices collected from consumers is experiencing delays of several months within the framework of a State support scheme capping prices on electricity bills.

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