New solar garden will pay tribute to clean energy champion Adam Palmer

Community partners including Eagle County, Holy Cross Energy, the Walking Mountains Science Center and the Adam Palmer Sustainability Fund have come together to honor the legacy of Adam Palmer, the late County Sustainable Communities Director Eagle, who was also a member of the Eagle City Council. and the Holy Cross Energy Council.

Adam Palm

A new community solar garden will be built to honor Palmer’s passion for clean energy and provide previously underrepresented groups with access to solar energy. The new solar garden will allow for the expansion of HCE’s Qualified Income Community Solar Program. Members will have the option to request to receive a board release credit applied to their account.

When completed, HCE anticipates that the network will offer up to 50 of its income-qualified members up to 50% off their electricity bill.

The solar garden, built using PowerField Energy’s unique racking system, will be located at HCE’s Cooley Mesa Operations Center. The system is portable and has the ability to be moved in the future. Community partners will participate in a barn raising style event and ribbon cutting at the end of April.

The solar garden will also contribute to Eagle County’s climate action goals of providing its citizens with 80% clean energy by 2050.

“Adam was a strong leader in Eagle County and advocated throughout his career for 100% clean, renewable electricity for our region,” said John Gitchell, Environmental Officer for Eagle County. . “This solar garden supports Adam’s personal mantra of ‘Clean Power’ and supports Eagle County’s climate goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing energy assistance to households that need it most. .”

After Palmer passed away, his family, the city and the greater Eagle community worked to create the Adam Palmer Sustainability Fund to live on in his legacy.

“The Palmer Fund’s mission is to drive community and economic development through the lens of sustainability by creating a revolving loan fund to support projects that have a direct impact on reducing carbon emissions,” said Laura Hartman, fund manager.

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