New Apple and SOS iPhones deals – and fixed prices despite inflation

A latest range of Apple iPhones will feature better cameras, faster processors and long battery life – all at the same price as last year’s models, despite inflationary pressures that have driven up the cost of many others everyday items.

That pricing decision revealed Wednesday during Apple Days for the first time in a one-person product event three years ago was a slight surprise. Many analysts expected Apple to ask subscribing fans to pay up to 15% more to help me replace the rising costs of many components.

The hype surrounding Apple’s new iPhone 14 models is part of the post-Workday rituals the company holds each year for more staying power. Wednesday’s event was held on campus in Cupertino, Calif., in a theater named after company co-founder Steve Jobs. After Apple CEO Tim Cook left most of the stages at the event consisting of pre-recorded video shows the company has honed over past events held during the pandemic.

For several years, new Apple iPhones have mostly featured incremental upgrades to cameras and battery life, and this year’s models were no exception. Pricing for the standard iPhone 14 starts at $799; The luxury iPhone 14 Pro Max will start at a price of $1099.

Among the latest improvements are the 48-megapixel camera in the Pro and Pro Max models, which the company claims will produce particularly sharp images. The iPhone 13 versions of the Pro and Pro Max have 12MP cameras. This year’s high-end models will also feature Always-on which stays on even when the file is locked to the device, a feature that has long been available on many Android smartphones from Google software.

From November, all iPhone 14 models will be able to send SOS messages via a new Satellites feature – a security action intended to allow users to call for help when in remote areas without a wireless connection. thread.

All iPhone 14 models will also include a motion sensor capable of revealing serious car malfunctions and automatically calling emergency services.

With inflation still at its highest level of 40 years ago, consumers restricted their spending on many discretionary items. This will likely contribute to a drop in smartphone sales, although the iPhone has fared much better than competing Android devices.

Weak sales forecasts pushed research International Data Corp. For the forecast worldwide, smartphone shipments drop in 2022 by 6.5%, about double the 3.5% drop that was estimated a few months ago. Although sales are expected to decline, the average price of new smartphones is expected to end this year around 6% higher than last year, IDC estimated.

By keeping iPhone prices the same, Apple faces the potential risk of undermining its profits if inflation drives up its own costs. it’s a success The company can easily afford, given that it made $44 billion in profits in the first half of this year.

Apple may also end up fattening its bottom line, and then more consumers looking to upgrade mobile hardware are drawn to the high-end Pro and Pro Max device models, which generate higher profit margins than the cheaper models. . And Apple appears to be expecting a growing number of consumers to be willing to pay an additional $200 to $300 for Deluxe Editions from Wedbush Securities, said iPhone 14 analyst Daniel Ives.

Apple stock price gained 1% on Wednesday to close at $155.96.

Consumers have already cut iPhones this year, despite Apple charging higher inter-industry fees than prices. Apple sold about 106 million iPhones in the first half of this year, up 8% from the same period last year, according to Canales, another company study.

Forester analyst Thomas Husson praised the new range for its faster chips, improved design and “a few more innovations”. “

Meanwhile, the company’s Apple Watch Series 8 will feature a new temperature sensor to help women retroactively track ovulation cycles in addition to planting a reporting feature also for the first time on the iPhone 14. In the price of the latest Apple Watch, available in stores September 16 will start at $399, the same price as last year’s model.

Trying to broaden the appeal of wearable technology, Apple is launching the Ultra watch model designed to be more durable and offers a variety of special features suitable for hikers, divers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Ultra Watch, available in stores September 23, will carry the premium price of $799.

CCI Insight analyst Leo Gebbie predicted that Ultra would compete with existing sports brands like Garmin and some luxury Swiss watchmakers. Their products relate to extreme sports.

Apple also announced the next generation of wireless headphones, the AirPods Pro 2, which will also retain the starting price of $249.

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