Hitonpay Lifecare launches payment gateway services

Gone are the days when we received our salaries in cash and deposited the remaining amount after keeping a certain amount for basic needs in a FD or in a bank. Nowadays, banks are close at hand and we no longer have to queue. Now we have the ability to make any payment in seconds and that too through our smart phones. Everything has become child’s play in the digital age and credit goes to all the companies who have made this possible with their innovative approach.

One of these concepts is Neo Banking. Neo Bank is a digital bank that has no branches. Instead of having a physical presence at a specific location, Neo Banking is done entirely online, making banking simpler, easier and faster for people.

Hitonpay Lifecare Opc Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Neo banking platforms in India. The company was founded by Bhuraram Beniwal who is also the current CEO of the company. According to Beniwal, Hitonpay Lifecare Opc Pvt. ltd. offers personal banking services to its customers where they can save, track their money and earn 1% unlimited cashback on online purchases.

The platform also offers its customers business banking services specially designed for startups and SMEs, as well as inclusive banking options so that customers can benefit from basic financial assistance.

Beniwal is a software developer and forex trader by profession. Originally from Jodhpur, Bhuraram received his B.tech. diploma from Skit Jaipur. At the beginning of his career, Bhuraram worked as a software developer, then he changed careers. He aimed to have his own business whose sole purpose was to help and strengthen other businesses through consultancy services. But the company today is working on many other things than its sole objective which marks the incredible growth of the company.

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Recently, the company also launched its payment gateway services to provide a secure and PCI-compliant way to accept payments. “The only goal was to simplify banking for customers and make it a rewarding experience for them as well. The main services offered by the new network of payment gateways are mobile banking options, savings account services, personal services and secure payment methods. In addition to this, it offers payment processing and information services that provide users with online security, easily accessible financing, and offers linked to savings accounts,” says Beniwal.

Higher returns on investment, no ATM fees, no minimum balance requirements, no overdrafts and easy availability of credible cards that can be used worldwide are the key features that explain why the company outperforms many other companies. Beniwal started this company with the aim of helping other companies and luckily, according to him, the working arena of the company has grown by leaps and bounds.

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