GOAT.Finance Launches BSC’s Highest Automatic Fixed APY

Sacramento, California, USA, March 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Decentralized finance (or DeFI) is a financial revolution and represents the future of finance and funding. Holders and investors of GOAT.Finance can achieve returns that seem impossible in the financial world. The tool that DeFi companies use to create these high returns are financial algorithms and token staking strategies.

Defi 1.0 introduced different staking strategies that attracted millions of investors and built many of the top performers in crypto. GOAT.Finance with Defi 2.0 promises token holders greater simplicity and security in staking, and the best fixed returns as well as BUSD rewards.

Goat.Finance developers have introduced Autostaking, a DeFi 2.0 protocol that offers perhaps the best set of benefits for holders in the industry.

Direct Debit Protocol – Safe, Fast, Highest Fixed APY, BUSD Rewards

GOAT.Finance offers token holders simplicity, security, and consistently high returns through Auto Staking. It brings various benefits;

Easy and safe staking – The GOAT token always stays in your wallet and you automatically receive rewards. No more complicated staking processes on someone else’s website.

Automatic Rebase Rewards – You never have to worry about reinvesting your tokens. Rewards are base-changing, meaning they automatically accumulate, ensuring you never miss a payment.

Highest Fixed APY – Goat.Finance auto-staking protocol pays out 150,000% per year, which is a constant compound interest rate that tops the DeFi industry (and every other industry in the world).

Fastest Rebase Rewards – Goat.Finance’s automatic staking protocol pays out every thirty minutes or 48 times a day.

BUSD Rewards – GOAT token holders reward 4% of all trades as BUSD rewards.

How GOAT.Finance offers its best fixed APY of 150,000%

The Goat.Finance Autostaking protocol uses a complex set of elements to deliver its industry-leading APY. They include GOAT.Finance cash, trading volume fees, and risk-free value (RFV). They all work in harmony to provide a high and fixed APY.

· Rebase rewards are backed by RFV reserves and part of the Treasury.

4% of every buy and sell goes to the treasury, which increases the balance of GOAT tokens in circulation and provides a large marketing budget.

5% of every buy and sell automatically goes to the BNB/GOAT liquidity pool on PancakeSwap.

4% of GOAT.Finance’s trading volume is redirected to the protocol’s risk-free value (RFV). The function of the RFV is to support the rebase rewards of the GOAT token.

The project support system is designed in such a way that RFV allows the purchase and burning of GOAT tokens on the secondary market when the supply of pairs is 2.5% of the total supply.

This combination of factors distributes an automatic rebase reward every 30 minutes and ensures a return of 0.00417% per rebase or 2% per day for GOAT token holders.

About GOAT.Finance

GOAT.Finance is a DeFi development company that creates next-generation products and services. Their auto-staking protocol is the foundation for a series of DeFi 2.0 projects starting with the GOAT token that automatically stakes and compounds in your wallet, and offers the industry’s best fixed APY of 150,000%. GOAT.Finance will develop projects, products and protocols that will bring cutting-edge benefits to GOAT Token holders.

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