GDP (Gas-Diesel-Essence) prices set by election dates and not by world rates?

In the three months between June and September, he pointed out, Indian basket crude oil prices – the prices at which India buys crude oil – fell from $116 a barrel to $81 a barrel, a decrease of 24.14%. During this same period, gas prices on the international market fell from $750 per metric ton to $650 per metric ton, registering a drop of 13.33%.

“When international prices go up, the government wastes no time raising prices in the domestic market. But when prices go down, the Union government does not show the same urgency to cut prices,” he said. -He underlines.

In May 2014, he recalled, the price of crude was $106 per barrel, but in Delhi, petrol was sold at Rs 71 per liter and diesel at Rs 55 per litre. But now, in September 2022, when the international price of crude is $81, gasoline in the nation’s capital sells for nearly 100 rupees and diesel for 90 rupees.

On behalf of Congress, he presented the following three demands to the government:

1. With the international crude price at a seven-month low and inflation still high, the government needs to lower gasoline and diesel prices and provide some relief to consumers.

2. A reduction of Rs 15 each per liter of petrol and diesel and a reduction of Rs 150 per bottle of gas

3. Ensure dynamic pricing in letter and spirit and not in accordance with the convenience of the ruling party and election dates

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