Fixed price mango sales suffer from small sizing

According to reports from UPA Málaga, mango growers in the province of Malaga, who charge a fixed price for their fruit based on size, are having a difficult year as drought has had a general impact on fruit size. .

“It’s a shame that they pay producers 50 cents less for a gram of difference. The mango is considered to have a good size from 300 grams. They take advantage when it weighs less to pay half and up to a third of the price. They don’t realize that it’s the same quality and that’s why they should pay”, denounces Francisco Moscoso, the organization’s general secretary. “They pay us 0.25 euro per dollar if the size is less than 200 grams, 0.50 euro per kilo if it goes from 200 to 350 grams, and 1 euro from 300 grams. These are unfair prices. There is no justification for them except for speculation. As always, a few want to get rich at the expense of farmers.”

UPA Málaga points out that the lack of rainfall has made the fruit smaller but has not affected its quality. “Consumers buy a product of excellent quality. This year, the sizes are smaller due to the lack of precipitation. In many cases they do not exceed 350 grams, which, according to those who buy the mangoes from us, is the point where they seem to sell better. It is abuse. They take advantage of the circumstances to pay growers less and as an excuse to import much cheaper mangoes from other countries which they then sell for more, making a bigger profit while our farmers are ruined,” Francisco said indignantly.


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