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Former education secretary warns Jeremy Hunt to avoid education cuts

Kit Malthouse, the former education secretary, has warned Jeremy Hunt that any cuts to schools’ budgets will spell “disaster” for the UK.

As the Chancellor prepares to make the autumn statement next week, Malthouse told GB News: “Well, it’s certainly the case that things are very tight in education. And the Schools are already grappling with rising energy costs, general inflation and the cost of living.

“And of course a 5% salary increase, which was given to teachers last year, not all of which was included in their budget settlement. So it’s very difficult and I have to say that I’ve seen some pretty alarming things in the newspapers over the past few days where they’re indicating there might be cuts in the education budget.

“As far as I know, I don’t see how that can be acceptable. Generally, when you know that during the pandemic, it’s been the children and their education that have been most severely damaged, and we’re just in the middle In a kind of catch-up, teachers across the country are working very hard to bring kids up to speed, as performance has understandably dropped during the pandemic.

“To disturb that dynamic, just as this generation is getting back on its feet, would seem to me a really, really, unacceptable thing to do.”

Kit Malthouse hopes there won’t be any school budget cuts ahead of next week’s fall statement

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