Business Startup: 5 payment methods to set up for your e-commerce sites

Let’s say you’ve been running a business for a while and it’s running successfully. But when you opened your TV one day, the pandemic hit and caused changes in the way you can interact outside. Physical stores are limited and people have become more comfortable shopping online even today, despite less stringent protocols. To keep your business running, you need to adapt and preferably create an e-commerce website.

It is a website where consumers can purchase products through the Internet. You can register your products on your website, where your loyal customers can see them. With just a few clicks, you can continue to sell your products to your customers and keep your business running.

Since it’s online, the only thing you might be wondering is how to process payments from your consumers. If you are still considering starting one and are worried about your transactions, this article will show you different payment methods you can apply on your e-commerce website to put you at ease.

Today, most consumers like to buy products by credit card because they can pay the amount of all their purchases at the end of the billing period. With this, most customers find comfort in processing their payments as it is secure and easy to use. For this reason, it’s hard not to consider this method part of your website.

You can contact IT professionals to better understand how to implement this method safely. Some companies offer this kind of service which you can find as an alternative. You can also search for different processors in the market. For example, looking up strip card processor reviews can help you determine whether that specific teacher is right for you or not.

Another method you can implement for your website is wire transfer. The consumer can pay directly from his bank account, by going to your account. An important advantage of this method is that you can be sure that it is safe and has no chargebacks.

But, this method carries the risk of a delayed transaction. This is because there are circumstances between your consumer and the bank that they need to resolve before the transaction closes.

To implement this, you must first create a business bank account to receive business transactions from your customers. Then you can contact some professionals to set up a form where the necessary information is collected for the transaction and implement payment gateway services to your site.

Not everyone trusts online payments. They always prefer to pay in cash as they feel safer handing over the cash itself. As a seller, it can also benefit you because there is no late payment and you can finish it in a shorter time. Now, if most of your customers prefer to pay in cash, implementing a cash on delivery option for your website should be pursued.

You can include it by giving your customers an option on which payment method they want to use. Then you can contact a delivery agent to finalize the transaction and send the products to your customer’s home address.

A digital wallet is your wallet in real life but only present virtually. Through a digital wallet, the user can save different personal financial information that the customer can use to process payments. It offers the different options on how they want to transact and is safe and secure.

You must have a payment processor to accept this type of method. It is possible to obtain one from various payment processors. At an affordable price, you can implement their services on your website and business. Below are some examples of digital portfolios for your website:

  • Google Pay
  • Pay Apple
  • Amazon payment
  • PayPal

The gift card method will be the best to implement on your site to encourage your customers to purchase more of your products. Apart from customers transacting directly with their money, some are interested in paying with gift cards because of their added benefits.

You can implement your gift card scheme using gift card apps. Then your website can easily integrate these apps into your website for your customers to use. After that, you can create your gift card and start offering them to your consumers.

E-commerce websites have opened up a new way to sell products in the industry, especially during the pandemic. It has become useful for business owners to continue selling their products and at the same time satisfy their customers without having to drive to physical stores.

Adapt to this method will surely bring your business to the fore. These are still other payment methods you can implement, but be sure to review them carefully before applying to ensure your safety and that of your customer.

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