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The supported by Jeff Bezos blue origin The rocket system says it plans to more than double the number of people it sends into sub-orbital space during its New Shepard vehicle. It was a New Shepard rocket that carried William Shatner into sub-orbital space last October.

Bob SmithCEO of Blue Origin, speaking at the annual meeting FAA Commercial Space Transport event, explained that his company saw “robust” demand for passenger travel. “The market is robust. It’s very sturdy. The challenge for Blue at this point is that we are actually limited in supply. No business ever wants to be limited by supply when there is high demand. It is our responsibility to go build new vehicles, get them ready, and fly them safely, as well as safely increase our launch cadence..”

Smith added that Blue Origin could easily double the number of passengers carried this year. “We understand very well not only, by name, the people and what they would pay, but also the volume of people. We can see what this curve is, from higher prices down to lower prices in terms of volume.

Eclipse Global Connectivity is now allowed OneWeb Channel Partner (DP), following an agreement signed at the end of last year. Through this partnership, Eclipse will deliver new low-latency, fiber-like airtime services, hardware systems and certifications to government aircraft across Europe, the Middle East and Asia (EMEA) for facilitate a wide range of operational and mission objectives.

Our commitment to providing airborne satellite communications solutions designed to enable a wide range of government and military missions spans more than two and a half decades,” noted Marc Pinault, CEO of Eclipse Global Connectivity. “The Eclipse team is incredibly excited about our new partnership with OneWeb. This new cost-effective broadband service promises a secure and innovative solution for government, military and civilian airborne communication needs.”

The initial focus is to provide innovative solutions for global range command and control and manned and unmanned airborne ISR missions. The low-latency service will seamlessly combat cloud and applications such as video transmission and crypto device synchronization. In addition, native Office365 applications such as Teams and SharePoint, typically used on board Head of State aircraft, will also benefit from improved performance. The scope may eventually extend to other market segments, such as business and commercial aviation.

Eclipse and OneWeb share the vision of delivering ingenious connectivity solutions to aircraft operators worldwide“said OneWeb Head of Government Business Line, Dylan Brown. “Their long and solid experience in providing complete solutions for the complex SATCOM requirements of government, military and heads of state operators makes Eclipse an optimal partner for us. It’s one of the many reasons we’re thrilled to have the Eclipse team on board.

Intelsat has officially confirmed its emergence from the Chapter 11 rebuild.

The satellite operator said it had become a private company with a significantly strengthened capital structure to support its growth as a leader in satellite communications. This final step follows the receipt of regulatory approvals, the completion of certain corporate actions and the satisfaction of other customary conditions.

Intelsat is now efficient Reorganization plan, supported by all creditor groups and affirmed by the bankruptcy court on December 16, 2021, reduced the company’s debt by more than half, from approximately $16 billion to $7 billion. As part of the emergence, Intelsat secured $6.7 billion in new financing consisting of a revolving credit facility, term loan and secured notes. Backed by new shareholders, the company is now better positioned for long-term success as it continues to innovate and bring new services to market.

Intelsat also has a new board of directors, made up of the company’s chairman and CEO and six new directors, including Lisa HammittPresident of Intelsat.

For more than 50 years, Intelsat has been at the forefront of innovation in our industry and providing high-performance services to our customers.“, said the CEO of Intelsat, Stephane Spengler. “Now that our financial restructuring has been completed, we are leading Intelsat’s future development and growth from an even stronger position. We have significantly less debt as well as new funding to support our innovation and network plans, complementing our unmatched global orbital and spectrum rights and strong operating model. We are better positioned than ever to fuel the success of our customers and partners, achieve our strategic objectives and accelerate our growth. Building the world’s first unified, software-defined, satellite-based 5G global network is just one of many groundbreaking Intelsat projects underway..”

Spengler continued:Today’s emergence is the culmination of the hard work, collaboration and vision of many. I especially want to thank the talented and dedicated members of the Intelsat team for their unwavering focus on customer service – and thank our valued customers, suppliers and other partners for their trust and support. By focusing on innovation, reliability and high-performance service, we will drive our business forward for the benefit of all and continue to be the leader in satellite communications..”

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