Authvia obtains a patent for SMS bill payment technology

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Authvia, the leader in conversational commerce technology and the premier provider of SMS-based payment solutions, announced the issuance of US Patent No. 11,144,895 from the USPTO, entitled “Methods and Systems for Message-Based Bill Payment”. Authvia’s patented technology, TXT2PAY®, allows customers to quickly and easily pay any business with a simple text response. TXT2PAY is the fastest and most convenient way for customers to pay, while providing businesses with accelerated cash flow, secure customer data and streamlined operations.

TXT2PAY is available to enterprises, software developers, and ISV partners through a web portal, app, and modern APIs; enabling businesses to securely request and receive payments from their customers via any messaging, text or chat service. Patented technology allows customers to pay anytime, anywhere with a simple response such as a four-digit code, a “yes”, “pay” or “confirm”, rather than having to create a link to a payment page or to connect to a portal or application. This authorization can be linked to a credit card, debit card or ACH account stored with the company or in Authvia’s cloud-based wallet. In addition to facilitating the payment process, TXT2PAY automatically issues receipts, allows the customer to add or change payment methods, and remembers which payment method to use with each business.

“The ability for customers to pay with a simple response allows our merchants to get paid faster while providing their customers with a fast, simple and secure checkout experience,” said Ben Weiner, chief strategy officer at Paya. . “This IP protection gives Paya and our partners and merchants peace of mind and expanded capabilities in a world where contactless payments have become the norm.”

Highly configurable and easily accessible, TXT2PAY is available to businesses directly or through more than two dozen certified payment processors, including, Chase Merchant Services, Elavon, FIS, FISERV, Fortis, NMI, Paya, PaySafe, de many software vendors (ISVs) and major messaging platform providers (CPaaS). However companies use Authvia’s technology, the company’s success team ensures a smooth process from onboarding to implementation, producing a win-win situation for everyone.

“Authvia is the most comprehensive and ubiquitous solution on the market today and provides the best user experience for the consumer,” said Christopher Brunner, Founder and CEO of Authvia. “This patent provides our ISV, CPaaS and payment industry partners with an ‘easy button’ to deliver integrated conversational commerce solutions.”

About Authvia

Authvia is an innovative, Los Angeles-based SaaS company at the forefront of conversational commerce with patented text-to-pay technology. This technology includes the flagship software application TXT2PAY®, which offers a highly secure, fast and contactless payment option via text messaging and other message-based communication channels, such as web chat and WhatsApp. Authvia connects a business, consumer and payment processor quickly and easily, accelerating cash flow and streamlining payment processes. To learn more, visit

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