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8 Simple Reasons Not to Have Approved Online Payday Loan

Signing up on a website or application to make payday loan online and having it approved is as difficult as riding a bicycle with the bent or kneaded wheel. Particularly if the person had a slip in the past. It may be that in the application process you run the risk of being rejected – but that depends on the mode of the loan.

How to not have your online payday loan approved

How to not have your online loan approved

So if you have the pretense of starting a new process of applying for personal payday loan online, having little chance in your favor, then the four one: 1 – or you give up hiring; 2 – take loan with moneylender; 3 – accept to loan to negative with interest of up to 25%; 4 – or search for a type that fits your current profile.

If you determine that an online personal loan is the best solution to adjust your finances, it is important to borrow responsibly. This will help prevent you from falling into a debt cycle. However, before you start the process, make sure you take care to eliminate anything that might disrupt approval. In the list below you have some probable reasons that a loan can be rejected:

Divergence with your address

 Divergence with your address

Banks and financial institutions get lots of information related to your name and CPF, one of them is the updated address. If you are one of those people who do not stop in any neighborhood, and your address is not up to date with the credit bureaus, it is very likely that your request will not be approved. In this case, all you can do is bring a voucher in your name.

You are not available for additional verification



When you apply for a personal loan, be sure to provide the lender with a contact number where you are available most of the time. If you are not located in the verification calls a few times or the phone does not hit the databases, your chances for approval may go down the drain.


You just changed jobs.

 You just changed jobs.

One of the most important factors for fast approval of an online personal loan is stability at work. A lender has more confidence to free up resources for anyone who is at least a year into your current job. Sometimes the minimum requirement is two or three years in the current employer.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, your financial stability is very important to lenders; if they find that you are working in a company that is not even a year old, they are also likely to reject your proposal.

You do not pay your bills at maturity

You do not pay your bills

Remember that even a simple bill or invoice due and not paid that generated an annotation in Serasa or SPC may mean not approving your loan request. So before signing up and signing up for a personal loan, make sure there is nothing in your name or CPF that leaves you in the negative situation.


Your signature does not match

If you use more than one signature, be sure to use the most common form of signature on all pages of the physical contract or by the loan application. If you need to send physicals later, attach only the documents that have the same signature that you used in the online application.

You were guarantor or guarantor of a defaulter


 You were guarantor or guarantor of a defaulter

Be cautious when you become a guarantor, guarantor or loaned the name to a friend or family member to make a purchase in the carnet, credit or financing, and if they did not pay, this will hurt your chances of getting a personal loan from most lenders online.

  1. If you are applying for a personal loan and have a dirty name, with a restriction on the CPF, look for creditors or modalities that provide credit for that profile.
  2. If you have a clean name and wish to take out a personal payday loan online, be aware of all the above tips so as not to be harmed and not have your application approved.

And, if it really is not possible to get your loan approved online, do not forget that you have other alternative ways to get a personal loan more easily and that do not involve banks, financial and bureaucratic means, consider borrowing from family or friends, with private lender, Peer-to-Peer Lending or even Crowdfunding (the famous kitty) depending on your situation.

Foreign Currency Loans – Expert: Unsurprisingly Advocate General of Luxembourg on Exchange Rate Margin

Not surprisingly, the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice said that consumer protection considerations could be taken into account in the exchange rate gap, said international lawyer Tamás Lattmann to MTI on Wednesday.

Foreign currency denominated mortgage contract 


The Kásler couple entered into a foreign currency denominated mortgage contract with a Hungarian bank in 2008 and, under the contract, acknowledged that in addition to the loan, its transaction and management costs, as well as default interest and other costs, will be determined in Swiss francs.

The couple later challenged before the Hungarian courts the condition that entitles the bank to calculate the installments due at the Swiss franc exchange rate.

The court hearing the dispute has asked the European Court of Justice


Based in Luxembourg, that the condition governing the exchange rate applicable to foreign currency loans is to be regarded as the principal object of the contract and whether it is subject to a price / quality ratio- e. If so, the issue of unfairness cannot be investigated if the conditions are clear and understandable. In the specific case, the Mansion essentially asked when such a condition could be considered so clear and understandable that unfairness could not be examined under an EU directive.
The Hungarian court’s additional question was whether, if the contract could not be performed if the unfair term was abandoned, the national court would be entitled to amend or supplement it.
Tamás Lattmann said: The Advocate General’s suggestions have been developed in the case law of the European Court of Justice to obtain before the Court an expert opinion given by a lawyer who is clearly considered an expert, but such an opinion is not binding on the court. However, based on the experience of recent years, subsequent judgments are largely in line with the Advocate General’s opinion, he recalled.

The expert noted that the present Advocate General’s Opinion


Was the result of a preliminary ruling procedure initiated by a Hungarian court in the Kásler case before the European Court of Justice. The Hungarian court referred the matter to the European Court of Justice because it considered that it had to apply EU law in order to decide the case. In such a case, it is possible for the court seised to question the Luxembourg organization because of the alleged uncertainties regarding the applicable EU law, he explained.
He stated that the Kásler case also has a consumer protection aspect and that consumer protection is an EU competence, so the Hungarian court was curious about the requirements of European Union law governing such legal relationships and contracts. If the court was uncertain, he “did very well” to turn to the European Court of Justice, which is an important issue and very urgent to avoid any subsequent EU law concerns.
Tamás Lattmann also pointed out that when he was thinking about the unity decision of the Mansion, he decided to wait for a preliminary ruling in the Kásler case because he did not want such an unpleasant situation to take a stand, and EU relevance, ‘while the Luxembourg court says otherwise. A few months ago, the Mansion decided to wait for this preliminary ruling because it “noticed correctly that the cases had some connection with each other,” he pointed out.
The international lawyer stressed that the Advocate General’s opinion was not surprising because “there is no question that consumer protection considerations can be weighed against such a contractual provision”. EU law allows this, he added, which is why the Hungarian court could be uncertain (MTI).